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About the OSP Online Information Service

The LIMS Online Information Service (LOIS) is a tool provided to our criminal justice system partners and is an interface to access the analytical findings of the Oregon State Police, Forensic Services Division. The LOIS supplies web-based customer-access to reports and case status.


Who Can Access the Online Information Service

Anyone who is a member of an agency serviced by the Oregon State Police Forensic Laboratory, and needs access to the work done on behalf of their agency.


Establishing an Account

Criminal justice system partners may establish an account to access the Online Information Service. Contact your local agency administrator to establish an account. If you do not know who your local agency administrator is, or you want to get access for your agency, contact the LOIS webmaster at lois.info@state.or.us. Please allow about one day for a response.

Logging On

  1. To log-on to the program, type your User Name in the User Name Field. Press Tab.
  2. Type in your password.
  3. Click the Login button or Press the Enter key.

Note: Your local agency administrator can assist you with establishing a user name and password.

Automatic Account Reset feature

You can click on the link


You will be prompted to enter your email account used for LOIS.  Once you type it click the “Forgot Password” button and you will be sent an email containing your new password.  Please not that this feature will reset the password for all LOIS accounts that use that email.  The list of usernames affected will be included in the email.

Access Denied/P>

If you have entered an incorrect user name or password or have not yet established an account with the LOIS system, you will receive the following message: INVALID LOGIN. Please try again.

Logout--Session Timed Out

If the LOIS program is not being used for 20 minutes, the service will automatically log off the user. You must login again to use the Online Information Service. Should your session with the LIMS Online Information Service be timed out due to user inactivity, you will be returned to the login screen and the following message will be displayed: Session timed out. Login and search again. Previous search criteria and results found in the LIMS Online Information Service will have been lost and you must begin your inquiry again.

Logout--User Initiated

If the Logout button is clicked by the user on any of the screens within LOIS, the Logon dialog box appears, ready for the next user. The following message is also displayed: Thank you for Visiting … Please re-login to continue.

This logging-off process logs you off of LOIS only and not from connection to the Internet. To regain access to the LIMS Online Information Service, follow the Logging On procedure.

Logout—Intruder Detection

If you give the wrong password three times in a 60-minute window, your account will be inactivated. Contact your Agency Administrator to have your account re-activated. The following message is displayed:: THIRD INVALID LOGIN ATTEMPT. Your account has been inactivated. Please see Automatic Account Reset feature above

Logout—Inactive Account

Your account can be inactivated a few ways:>If you had previously inactivated your account by too many unsuccessful login attempts.

  • Some other reason known to your Agency Administrator.

    Contact your Agency Administrator to have your account re-activated.

    The following message is displayed: Your account has been inactivated. Please see your administrator to re-activate your account.